First Frame Animation

In class we learned how to animate pictures which I found pretty interesting to do. The process however was very technical and missing one step would mess up the entire thing so I had to really pay attention. Once I followed and listened to what professor Ryan was saying, I was able to create my first animation. This is Rudy Gay, a small forward that plays for the Spurs in the NBA. He is my favorite player so hopefully he will have a good season in the upcoming NBA season.

Panoramic View

In class we learned how to take panoramic photos with an iphone which was something I never knew about my phone. Basically once you turn on panoramic shot, you move slowly from the left to the center on what you are trying to capture. In this case it was me and my classmate on the left side of the hallway. Then once the camera reaches the middle, we go behind the person holding the camera and appear on the right side of the hallway. Then the person holding the camera moves slowly from the center to the right. As a result we captured the entire hallway and my classmates on both sides of the hallway. This is so interesting to me that you can do something like this and hopefully in the future I’ll be able to use the panoramic shot again. 

My First VaporWave

Last week in class we learned how to do vaporwave art which is something that has been around since the internet was around. Vaporwave is a musical genre and art movement that emerged in the early 2010s from indie dance genres such as seapunk, bounce house, witch house or chill wave. It involves taking transparent vaporwave images and using the magic wand tool in photoshop to make the image appear in perspective. Here is the vaporwave that I did which I found pretty cool.


Improving my Website

Today we learned how to add menus and pages to my personal website. The menu allows me to organize the information I have presented in my website. For example before when you click on my website it only had home and about. Now I added a contact me and a category for CT 101 classwork so when you click on it, all the work we did in class will be there. We also installed plugins such as Akismet Anti-Spam which stops spam from entering the website and Jetpack which allows me to see how many people went on my website. The final plugin I installed was called Contact Form 7 which creates a form where you can contact me for a question about me or my website. Overall we did a lot of things today that is very technical but it was fun learning how to do these things.

Creating My Own Website

Last week in class we created our own website which was something I thought I never would do because you have to pay for it. However using the school code the class was able to get a 1 year membership for a website for free which I found crazy. Trying to find  a name for a website was probably the most time consuming thing besides the process of creating the website itself. Something I didn’t know was that there are businesses who buy domain names from people because it’s a trend right now for thousands of dollars. Hopefully this week I’ll get a chance to continue customizing my website to make it my own. Here’s the link to the website if anyone wanted to see it.