Final Blog Post

Ever since I came to the first class, everything that was taught by the professor was something that I didn’t know how to do before.I’ll talk about the things we did in class that really stuck with me and had me interested. First was with inserting gifs into blog posts which was something I didn’t know how to do. I knew about it but I didn’t know how to apply it. Gifs in short are a lossless format for image files that support both animated and static images.  It can be used in multiple different ways but for now here’s two I used now that the semester is over and I’m stress free.

Next was memes which is something that spread rapidly on all social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. It’s to the point that whenever I scroll down my timeline I always see at least 3 or more memes. Yet again another way for people to express themselves and it’s to the point that I know almost everybody has memes saved on their phone. The influence of memes really changed our culture in many ways. Here are two memes that I felt was pretty funny to me.

Next was something that I didn’t know about which was creating vaporwaves, something that has been around for a while. Up until the professor brought it up, I never heard people talking about it at all.  Vaporwave is a musical genre and art movement that emerged in the early 2010s from indie dance genres such as seapunk, bounce house, witch house or chill wave.I found it interesting because it involves using transparent images and a transparent background to make the images come out in perspective.  I really had fun making one as after I add one image, for some reason I want to keep adding more.  Here’s the vaporwave that I made.

Overall during my time in class I’ve learned a lot about internet culture and how it has changed and evolved into something new with memes, gifs, vaporwaves, panoramic pictures.I enjoyed the class as it was engaging and I felt if someone had no clue on what they were doing, they got help. I don’t plan on maintaining the website because I’m not sure what I would post outside of the classwork that I did. I feel like I deserve a B- because I did show up to every class but I did do the minimum amount of blog posts. Without this class, I wouldn’t have learned how to do cool things like making memes, panoramic pictures, vaporwaves and more so I thank you professor for teaching me these things.

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