Atlantic City

Something that my family does every year is go to Atlantic City and spend a week at the tropicana. My mother and father would get 2 rooms that are right next door to each other so me and my sister won’t have to walk far away.  They would get two suites one for me and my sister and one for themselves. After we get settled in, we walk on the boardwalk and take a look at all the stores and eat food. The last thing we do is go gamble in the casino which I was finally able to do now that I’m 19 years old. Before the security guards that would patrol the area will stop anybody that’s on the slot machines that is not old enough.

I actually won 200 dollars of the slot machine which is surprising to me because I think the slot machines are rigged.Hopefully when I go back this summer, I can win more money than I did last time.

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