Almost Finals Week

So class officially ends next week on Wednesday December 12, 2018 and then after that then it’s finals for every class. To be honest, this semester went by very quick  because I remember coming to class in august and then all of a sudden it’s December.

I know people say that time flies by very quickly but to me I feel like I skipped all the months all the way to December. When I think about it, there’s usually 4 to 5 weeks in a month and our class meets once a week and the semester ends in December so it actually makes sense now. Moving on I have finals for Spanish and  Statistics so that’s the good thing that I only have to study for two classes. The other classes have a final assignment which sometimes I rather have than a exam with 70  questions with 45 multiple choice and 25 short response.  It’s time to stay focused and use my time wisely so I can pass all of my classes.

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