Final Blog Post

Ever since I came to the first class, everything that was taught by the professor was something that I didn’t know how to do before.I’ll talk about the things we did in class that really stuck with me and had me interested. First was with inserting gifs into blog posts which was something I didn’t know how to do. I knew about it but I didn’t know how to apply it. Gifs in short are a lossless format for image files that support both animated and static images.  It can be used in multiple different ways but for now here’s two I used now that the semester is over and I’m stress free.

Next was memes which is something that spread rapidly on all social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and many more. It’s to the point that whenever I scroll down my timeline I always see at least 3 or more memes. Yet again another way for people to express themselves and it’s to the point that I know almost everybody has memes saved on their phone. The influence of memes really changed our culture in many ways. Here are two memes that I felt was pretty funny to me.

Next was something that I didn’t know about which was creating vaporwaves, something that has been around for a while. Up until the professor brought it up, I never heard people talking about it at all.  Vaporwave is a musical genre and art movement that emerged in the early 2010s from indie dance genres such as seapunk, bounce house, witch house or chill wave.I found it interesting because it involves using transparent images and a transparent background to make the images come out in perspective.  I really had fun making one as after I add one image, for some reason I want to keep adding more.  Here’s the vaporwave that I made.

Overall during my time in class I’ve learned a lot about internet culture and how it has changed and evolved into something new with memes, gifs, vaporwaves, panoramic pictures.I enjoyed the class as it was engaging and I felt if someone had no clue on what they were doing, they got help. I don’t plan on maintaining the website because I’m not sure what I would post outside of the classwork that I did. I feel like I deserve a B- because I did show up to every class but I did do the minimum amount of blog posts. Without this class, I wouldn’t have learned how to do cool things like making memes, panoramic pictures, vaporwaves and more so I thank you professor for teaching me these things.

Atlantic City

Something that my family does every year is go to Atlantic City and spend a week at the tropicana. My mother and father would get 2 rooms that are right next door to each other so me and my sister won’t have to walk far away.  They would get two suites one for me and my sister and one for themselves. After we get settled in, we walk on the boardwalk and take a look at all the stores and eat food. The last thing we do is go gamble in the casino which I was finally able to do now that I’m 19 years old. Before the security guards that would patrol the area will stop anybody that’s on the slot machines that is not old enough.

I actually won 200 dollars of the slot machine which is surprising to me because I think the slot machines are rigged.Hopefully when I go back this summer, I can win more money than I did last time.

Christmas is 3 weeks away

It’s only December 6 and I’m seeing decorations on people’s houses getting ready for Christmas. My family usually decorates the house a week before and buys  a small pine tree around that time as well. It doesn’t change the fact that I’m excited for Christmas as who wouldn’t be excited.


Almost all of my family members are giving me a present or money which is something you will always need. In my opinion personally unless the person says that they wanted a certain thing but can’t get for some reason, that would be my present to them. However if I ask and they say I don’t know then I would just give them money so they can decide for themselves what they want. This also applies to birthdays to because you may not have the time to get them a gift. I can’t wait to see what my family gets me!





Almost Finals Week

So class officially ends next week on Wednesday December 12, 2018 and then after that then it’s finals for every class. To be honest, this semester went by very quick  because I remember coming to class in august and then all of a sudden it’s December.

I know people say that time flies by very quickly but to me I feel like I skipped all the months all the way to December. When I think about it, there’s usually 4 to 5 weeks in a month and our class meets once a week and the semester ends in December so it actually makes sense now. Moving on I have finals for Spanish and  Statistics so that’s the good thing that I only have to study for two classes. The other classes have a final assignment which sometimes I rather have than a exam with 70  questions with 45 multiple choice and 25 short response.  It’s time to stay focused and use my time wisely so I can pass all of my classes.

My website

Last week in class we created our own website which was something I thought I never would do because you have to pay for it. However using the school code the class was able to get a 1 year membership for a website for free which I found crazy. Trying to find  a name for a website was probably the most time consuming thing besides the process of creating the website itself. Something I didn’t know was that there are businesses who buy domain names from people because it’s a trend right now for thousands of dollars. Hopefully this week I’ll get a chance to continue customizing my website to make it my own. Here’s the link to the website if anyone wanted to see it.

8D Audio

So one day while I was scrolling on Twitter I found a post talking about listening to a song in 8d is the best experience you’ll ever have with music. At first  I didn’t know what 8d was so I decided to do research online. 8d stands for 8 directions so what 8d audio means is songs being played and heard from 8 different directions.

When I decided to listen to a 8d song, It was amazing as it really felt like Was at a concert. The music goes from the left earbud then transitions to the right in a repeating pattern. I won’t lie to you the first time I listened to a song I was turning my head left and right because it seems like the sound is around you. I’m telling you listen tone of your favorite songs in 8d on Youtube you won’t regret it.

Thanksgiving and Dressing Up

For my thanksgiving  something was brought up at the table that I had never knew about before which was people dressing up for thanksgiving. I never knew people dressed up for thanksgiving because usually for my family we never did when I was growing up. When I saw multiple posts on social media however talking about why we still have to dress up just to go eat in the living room, it made me think about it.






If I had to dress up just to go to the living room I would be mad about it too because it’s sort of a waste of a good outfit that you’re going to wear for about 35 minutes at the table. Maybe I understand if you’re going to your grandparents house you would have to dress up because of tradition but besides that I don’t see the need to.

Video Games Are My Passion


Video games is something that I’ve been playing since I was in kindergarten. I remember when I was young playing the Sega genesis, the Nintendo game cube with my father who introduced me into video games.






Before I had to share these game consoles with my father because I was too young to have one for myself. Now that I’m older I got myself a Playstation 4 and a Xbox One to myself so I don’t have to share with my father anymore. Overall video games is what made me who I am today and I’m grateful for my father for introducing me to them.



My Experience with Photoshop

Ever since memes was created, I always wanted to make one because it’s a new way to communicate with people around the world. People can relate to you based off of your meme which is amazing to me. It was suprisingly easy as well to use photoshop and create this meme. In the future whenever I want to make a meme, I know it’s going to be very easy and simple. Here are some of the memes I found the other day and the other two I made myself.

Reaction Gif

When I first came into class I was trying to figure out what’s the main thing I will be learning about in the class. My family kept asking me what’s CT 101 and I couldn’t give them an answer except I don’t know. As a result I was a little scared and didn’t know what to expect.








Now after a few days of class i can say that I’m not scared but thrilled about the next remaining classes because we learn something new everyday. Learning about technology has always made me excited and I’m always happy to learn more.